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(Last updated Monday 28th March 2016)


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In the style of many of my friends , and some of my long posts, here is an all about me, in bullet points;


  1. I am 37, and live with my partner of several years Caroline in Welwyn Garden City (since Autumn 2012) and Royston for about five years before. We got together on 31st March 2007. Following ups and downs, we got married in Welwyn Garden City Quaker Meeting on 31st July 2015 – 100 months to the date we fell in love, and, also the date of a blue moon!


2. This is me, and Caroline on my right…. at our wedding… photo by Heather Martin.




3. Work has changed significantly in August 2011, when I became MD of my own timetable publishing company – Here To There Publishing Ltd. After hearing calls from some Forumites pining the loss of the NatEx coach guide, I decided to try putting one together as a sample. Over the years we’ve learned a lot, and chased up a lot! We now have our own printing facilities, a Konika Minolta BizHub C353, plus franking machine, guillotine, nipping press, various cutters and punches and staplers. The machine does have an extra finisher, capable of doing booklets up to 60 pages, and stapling up to 50 sheets/100 pages. We now do Pocket Guides (small areas) and larger ring-bound books, which are updated regularly by post or online. These are done at no cost to the council or bus operators, and are sold to those who want one. We usually print-on-demand to keep things current, so we can reissue every so often. You can read more about the books, and what we have on sale, on the Here To There Website and Shop and Transport BlogAnglia & Thames Valley Bus Forum, Dundee Area Bus Forum, HarlowBuses and Dundee Buses (timetables online) and much more besides.


4. Voluntary work currently done includes work for BABUS – in the latter, Suzy is the webmistress/Bulletin Board administrator, and committee member – after being asked to by another committee member, who had heard of good work I’d done elsewhere. In Spring 2013 I took on the Newsletter, following the illness of the last editor. This has now all been combined, at my request, into Communications Officer. (As I thought that saying “Webmistress, Bulletin Board Administrator and Committee Member, plus current Newsletter Editor” was very long-winded! I am also a sub-editor for the PSV Circle, doing Other Operators in Cambridgeshire (CM) and Hertfordshire (HT). In late 2013/early 2014, I gave up roles at LLGS and the Circle, so I could concentrate on the day job.
5. Previous work… Tiger Line Buses part of Woottens), Prisoner’s Families Helpline, BT Business Broadband (viaClientLogic/Sitel and Search), London Underground, Telco,Inital CityLink (via Concorde), Goldstar, Lynx, Promat, and more. Some of that was voluntary or temporary. So, I’ve done everything from research and put together a new bus route, to accompanying the company mascot out at a carnival. And that was just one weekend at Woottens!



6. I was at various schools in Dundee (Trinity Primary School – yes Dundee – yes, try finding that online!) – Mossgiel Primary School –  Linlathen High School – St Saviour’s RC HS). My mind was rebelling against everyone, and pre-transition, so I hope I didn’t scare any of you off before I left school! I became an Open University student from late 2007, passing Computing module M150 and almost completed similar T175. I am not currently planning any further study other than this, as my work must now take precedence again.


7. As if reading this far was not a hint, and the fact that I’ve worked in various aspects of road/rail passenger/freight transport providers, I have an interest (some would say obsession) with some aspects of public transport. We lived for over five years beside the Cambridge-London electric Great Northern line and now live just yards from WGC Bus Station and Rail Station. I travel when health, wealth, weather, time and circumstances allow, I still take pictures (especially of anything unusual or out of place), and travel around, as well as collecting literature and researching services and network, of local buses, long distance buses/coaches, trains, underground/subway railways, light rail/modern trams, etc.


8. If you wonder about health, well, I have inherited a (currently incurable) genetic disorder called Huntington’s. This does not lead to any problems at the moment, but I am ‘at risk’ from one day having this take over my body. In addition, I suffer from a variety of intermittent pain/fatigue, as well as asthma that seems to be getting worse as I grow up. We are also trying to put a point on my tummy problems over the years, so we tried cutting out Aspartame, Sucralose, Sorbitol, Saccharin, Gluten, and more latterly Lactose. Those all helped for a bit, but then made things worse, so I’m back eating everything – and somehow managing to lose weight. I was diagnosed in Summer 2011  with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or Emotionally Unstable if you prefer!


9. I am also a post-op transwoman. So, now you know. Some time back, when I was low and depressed and in male mode, I made a vow to go out and enjoy every day while I still could (see HD/Point 8), rather than regretting it when the time was too late. The road has been wide and varied since then, we’ve had good times, bad times, happy times, sad times.That can also all be in one weekend, or indeed one morning – but that’s BPD (see Point 10 again). Transitioned on Friday 9th April 2004 – ironically, Good Friday. Any regrets? Well, apart from the lack of pockets in some outfits (that was more an initial thing I guess!) my most sincere one is that I did not do so sooner than I did – but we all say that, don’t we?


10. Next question I get asked “what happened to your teeth?” Well, this needs explaining – first ones came out when I fell on the ice in primary school. Subsequent work was done by the dentist, but just put the others into so much pain over the years. That, and several dentists later, I am what I am. Let’s be honest, with everything else in my life, it kinds of pails into irrelevancy. I’ve tried dentures and the like, but I can be ten times worse to understand with them in – so I enjoy life as I am.


11. We both previously grew up, lived and worked in Dundee (some years apart), although that’s not how we met – we met up via an online trans support group. My main interest in Caroline was her loving heart, and that’s something that has not changed throughout our relationship.


12.. My Facebook page and Twitter feed have largely replaced my LiveJournal , with transport stuff now in it’s own blog. I do update the LJ occasionally. They are all a very varied mix of personal and observations, but if you like it, then I’d be delighted for you to get in touch! I do talk about bus stuff a lot – mostly London and the South East and Scotland. This goes back to the days when I had the original Scottish Bus Site, back in 1998. It was originally to be a presence for one of my publications of the day – subsequently, it’s grown much further than that! As of Winter 2011 I’ve put transport stuff into a blog of it’s very own –www.heretothereshop.com/blog – please feel free to browse – and following recent work with a therapist, this is now my “True Friend” diary – to write about myself and problems in a positive, upbeat manner, rather than being depressed and upset!


13. #randomcoffeewednesday is exactly as it says on the tin – I buy, try or sample a coffee, including buying one to take home, usually on a Wednesday. This was inspired by thebustocrookes having a #randomchocolatetuesday – and can take the form of a hot or cold drink, to sit in, take away, make at home – instant, make at home – ground, or make at home – specialist i.e. Tassimo. Just another random thing to occupy my life! (Subsequently I have taken on #randomchocolatetuesday and created #randomtimetablemonday #randompenthursday and #trysomethingnewfriday – yet more random items that I have an almost limitless supply of in the flat!


14. We have quite a few friends in Sheffield, but found them all the wonderful St Andrews-born thebustocrookes


15. Pusskins Diary? Caroline called me Pusskins after my passion and affection abounded years back, and it’s kinda stuck since. Miaow miaow :-) (Caroline is Mouse…)


16. We don’t have any kids of our own – our other family members do, so we’re aunties to those. Having said that, we have a large menagerie of cuddly animals in the flat, usually added to regularly.


17. Is there life on Mars/Mercury/Pluto/Venus/Jupiter/Saturn??? Well, in 2007ish Stagecoach in Bedford branded all the main interurban routes as The Planets. Hitchin & Biggleswade was Mars, Cranfield and Wootton was Venus, Kettering was Mercury, Northampton was Pluto, Flitwick was Jupiter, Luton was Saturn. No-one got Uranus. So, anyway, “is there life on Mars” does sound much more interesting than asking “is there life on the M1/M2 (now 71/72) ?”


18. So, where do all the Caroline’s come from in my life? Well, the first one is my girlfriend. The second one – well, as thebustocrookes referred to himself as Dougie v2.0 on DABF (long story!) I referred to his wife Caroline as Caroline v2.0. Then there were two Caroline’s in hospital looking after us (3 & 4), carolinetoo became 5, a book supplier who was wonderful became 6 – and then I lost count.


19. My father passed away in August 2010 – following various complications from HD. On a much brighter note, he did stay around to see his first grandchild and my brother getting married.


20. Speaking of the family, my mother and sister (Ruth) . Ruth has a son, Jonah, and Tim & Yolanda have had another son called Seth. I’m certainly doing the dotting Aunty Suzy thing… Jonah has a fascination with buses, cars, trains, anything that moves really!


21. To keep my mental health up, I have been encouraged to take on positive distractions. Now able to slump and relax on the sofa from time to time, as opposed to working flat out 24/7…  anyway, I don’t play sports myself, but watch football/soccer and sports entertainment/. Insane Championship Wrestling is my current promo of choice! I’m a Dundee United FC fan but not been to a game in ages, but do like listening/watching online. Like music – somewhat random – and am somewhat of a radio whore by switching genres – and indeed, countries by listening on-line elsewhere. (Quite often listening to stuff from Rochester, NY, USA – I used to know a really nice person from Spencerport, not too far away from there… that’s another story!)


22. SKUF is an affectionate term used by call centre staff in certain BT call centres, which basically means, Subscriber Kicking Up F**k. Once management found out what it meant….

… anyway, if you read of me SKUF-ing, same principle, except that S now equals Suzy.


23. Feel free to get in touch or add me to your f-list, let me know who you are by leaving a comment on a post, or emailing me directly.


24. Errm, tha’ts it. Unless I think of something else to fit in here.



Kind regards,
Suzy xxx